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The Incredible Value of Employee Power de Robertson Hunter Stewart

This is a book about the incredible source of largely untapped power which exists within organisations and companies today, namely your employees. It explains why this is the case and what to do about it. The main paradigm of the book is that employees are the most important resource for any organisation and should be treated as such; companies need more than ever to become employee centric.Both now and in the future, key themes such as autonomy, empowerment and employee engagement will become the foundations upon which companies will build competitive advantage. Building confidence and trust will become more and more crucial to success. As I say in the book:“Empowerment is also to do with confidence and trust. If you think about the concepts of confidence and trust in your life outside of work, I am sure that most of you would agree that, if there is no trust within, for example, a family unit, there is a great likelihood that this will lead to a serious problem